As our final play of the season, GOOD PEOPLE is about to open on May 1st, I am reminded of how many good people it took to get CVRep to this amazing milestone of our development.

Our first production at our new home, CHESS was a box office sensation. So many new people came out to see our new state-of-the-art theatre. I received many congratulatory letters, e-mails and phone messages but I also received some that concerned me regarding some people’s reaction to a character’s name in CHESS. I thought I should take this opportunity to address this publically since it’s my fear that others may have felt the same.

CHESS was written in the 1980’s and was first produced in 1986. One of the lead characters is named FREDDIE TRUMPER, the American Chess Champion. His personality flaws included childlike and inappropriate behavior and some of our audience members thought that I changed the name to make a political statement against our current President. This is incorrect.
It was totally coincidental that Mr. TRUMPER was the name given by the writers in the 1980’s. No one at CVRep made any changes to the character’s names; nor do we have the legal right to change character names.

I understand that our followers and donors are from both sides of the aisle and respect everyone’s freedom of choice.

As we open GOOD PEOPLE, it is my hope that the good people of CVRep and our followers will enjoy, learn and relate to the important issues that we share at this production and all productions in our future. Discussion is most important when it comes to thought-provoking theatre.

Thank you for sharing,
Ron Celona

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