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CVREP’s 2018 Youth Outreach Program (YOP) to Explore Bullying via Four Ten Minute Plays Starring Student Actors

Audiences will be bussed in from various middle and high schools in the Coachella Valley area – Fre of Charge

Sept 18 – 28, 2018

 The Coachella Valley Repertory Theatre’s (CVRep) YOUTH OUTREACH PROGRAM (YOP) will once again, treat Coachella Valley students and residents to a live theatre presentation… free of charge. “It has always been a priority of CVRep to present an annual production for Coachella Valley students that is culturally and socially relevant in today’s complicated world”, says CVRep Artistic Director, Ron Celona. “Over the past eight years we have bussed in more than eleven thousand students, free of charge, to experience live theatre, some for the very first time.”

Last season CVRep launched their first local tour, which made it possible to reach forty-five hundred more students by bringing the production directly to the schools. This year CVRep returns to their own stage at the Atrium in Rancho Mirage with four ten minute culturally and socially significant plays, each followed by a Q and A session. This special student theatrical event, will focus on the topic of bullying, and is made possible by grants from Newman’s Own Foundation and the Fremont Foundation/Barbara Fremont.

Actors participating in the production will be students from local high schools plus two actors from College of the Desert. Participating student actors will receive school credit for their involvement.  Students from various Middle and High Schools throughout the Coachella Valley will be bussed in to see the production free of charge.

Two of the four plays will be directed by Founding Artistic Director of CVRep Ron Celona and two by Bo Powell, whose personal story truly reflects the “mission” of CVRep’s Youth Outreach Program.


ALEX (a conversation about nothing) By José Casas.
A teenager poignantly tells his dad how a bullied classmate resorted to physical violence. In the process, we discover this boy’s insight on the issue of bullying and how it affects innocent victims.

Ken and Tony reflect back to a time where Tony’s attitude and Ken’s sarcastic opinion were hiding deeper feelings of fear and humiliation. After analyzing what they did wrong, they play the scenario out again, with much different results.

The ultimate court judges a teenager accused of sexual misconduct and worse. Alice is happy, Peter is concerned, Henry is in denial, and the ”kid” in the expensive suit” is tired of waiting.

WE’RE YOUR FRIENDSY By Werner Trieschmann.

For Cindy, friendship with Stacy and Amy doesn’t mean what it means to everybody else in high school. The friendship is bullying in disguise, and Cindy has to figure out how to survive her two best friends.

FREE live performances for students will be given the mornings of Sept 18,19,20,21,25,26,27 and 28 at 9AM and 10:30AM at the CVRep Theatre located in the Atrium 69-930 Highway 111 in Rancho Mirage.  Teachers who would like their class to attend should contact CVRep at 760-296-2966.

 There will be only two public performances – at 2 and 7PM on Saturday, Sept 22, 2018. Tickets for the two public performances are $15 for adults, and free for 17 and under.

 To purchase tickets for the public performances or for more information visit or call 760-296-2966

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