Dr. George Charity Car Show – February 12, 2022

Palm Springs Cruisin’ Association to present donation to Desert Cancer Foundation, amid cancellation of this year’s Dr. George Charity Car Show

Palm Spring Cruisin’ Association (PSCA), the charity that produces and hosts the annual Dr. George Charity Car Show will present a donation check to Desert Cancer Foundation (DCF), at their next board meeting on Tuesday, May 11, 2021, at 4:30 p.m..

Earlier this year, after attempts to reschedule the 18th annual Dr. George Charity Car Show that was set for February 13 of this year, the Board of Directors of the PSCA made the decision to forgo the show and focus on planning for next year’s show. The 18th Annual Dr. George Charity Car show is now scheduled for February 12, 2022.

“It should come as no surprise to anyone, the uncertainties caused by the pandemic are still preventing any firm event planning,” said PSCA Vice President of the Board, Craig Korthase, in January. “Though we are very disappointed to have to make this decision, we remain committed to helping Desert Cancer Foundation, the benefactor of our show.”

In the process of reaching out to the show’s constituents, the Palm Springs Cruisin’ Association gave sponsors the option of a refund, yet encouraged donations to Desert Cancer Foundation where at all possible.

“We are pleased that in lieu of a refund, some of our sponsors have decided to continue to support our favorite charity, and we thank them for their generosity to help Desert Cancer Foundation and the individuals DCF serves,” said Craig Korthase.

The Dr. George Charity Car Show is planned and produced each year by the Palm Springs Cruisin’ Association to benefit Desert Cancer Foundation and support many residents undergoing cancer care and treatment. “We are so grateful to the board members and volunteers for hosting the Dr. George Charity Car Show in support of our work to pay for cancer care. In the last five years, the show has raised just over $500,000 to benefit DCF. Even without a show, PSCA is still providing a generous donation. They truly understand that DCF’s work has not diminished. On behalf of our Board of Directors and the residents we serve, we thank them for their commitment,” said Desert Cancer Foundation Executive Director Eevet Eden.

Last year the Charity Car Show hosted over 1,000 custom, classic and exotic vehicles and over 8,000 patrons. The all-volunteer car show, held at the beautiful Indian Wells Tennis Gardens, is the largest in the region. Last year the Palm Springs Cruisin’ Association provided a contribution of $120,000 from the Dr. George Car Show. With Desert Cancer Foundation’s strategic partnerships with the local healthcare community, this translates to over $1.2 Million in cancer care for local residents who otherwise may not afford the cost of treatments. On average, Desert Cancer Foundation serves close to 200 residents per year, covering the cost of insurance premiums, deductibles, co-pays/co-insurance, and prescription medications. To date this year, DCF has served 112 clients, paying a total of $115,266 for over 800 cancer care services. This is a billed value of over $1M dollars.

For further information, please contact PSCA President of the Board, Craig Korthase at or Desert Caner Foundation’s Executive Director, Eevet Edens at


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