Start Your Own Charity and Leave A Legacy

Start Your Own Charity and Leave a Legacy

* We do the setup for you with no upfront fees
* Start with as little as $ 25,000, or as much as you want to contribute
* Tax benefits occur immediately
* Add to your fund at any time
* Help any charitable organization (s) that you recommend to receive your donations over time and in perpetuity
* We handle all financial and administrative services
* Annual fee of 1 % of assess assessed quarterly
* Especially beneficial for appreciated assets and property
* Check out our website: and see our simple calculator that helps you estimate the benefit you would receive by establishing your own donor advised fund or call Mary Panesar at (760) 674-9080 ext #2.

A Public Non-Profit Charity serving the Coachella Valley since 1999.
Assets of $ 81 Million currently under management

Desert Community Foundation
75-105 Merle Drive Suite 300
Palm Desert, CA 92211
(760) 674-9080 – Fax (760) 674-8121

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