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Alan Potash Named New CEO of Jewish Federation of the Desert

Jewish Federation of the Desert’s Board of Directors is pleased to announce that they have appointed Alan Potash, a proven leader in the Jewish communal network, as Federation’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO).
On a daily basis, “Social Justice, Community Development and Israel” have been the three pillars he has used as his guide to make a difference. He brings a wide range of skills to our community, perhaps one of the most important being relationship building.
Prior to coming to the desert, he was the CEO for the Jewish Federation of Omaha. That Federation is known as an integrated Federation, and Alan oversaw the operation of all the agencies and oversight of the $23 million annual operating budget. After seven years in Omaha, he decided it was time to move west. When he heard that his former colleague Bruce Landgarten was retiring, he
decided Palm Springs could be his next professional location. The mission of the Jewish Federation of the Desert is very much in line with Alan’s own mission: to enhance and enrich the quality of Jewish life by recognizing and supporting the charitable, educational, humanitarian and social service needs of the Jewish community locally, nationally, overseas and in the state of Israel.
For the past 25 years his professional life has focused on those areas while working for Jewish Community Centers, Hillel, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and most recently the Jewish Federation of Omaha.
“His role as the CEO will focus on the day-to-day operations of the office, supervising the staff, working with the board, learning about our community, and getting to know us so that, together, we establish a pathway for the future. We welcome Alan to our community and he, in turn, welcomes your reaching out to him,” noted Roberta Nyman and Jackie Cohen, JFED Co-Presidents.
For more information on Jewish Federation of the Desert visit www.JFEDPS.orgor call 760-324-4737.
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