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Ballet Class Returns to College of the Desert this Fall!

Yes!  It’s true, College of the Desert has opened up enrollment for beginning ballet classes for the upcoming Fall, and we’re thrilled with this development.

What a great opportunity.  Classes will be instructed by an amazing, accomplished dancer/educator who has been a big contributor towards the development of dance in the desert, is the founder and artistic director of the Palm Desert Choreo Festival (Previously known as the McCallum Choreo Festival) and, we are proud to say, is a director on the board of the Palm Springs Dance Project, Shea New!  If you are an adult who has been wanting to take a beginning ballet class, we highly recommend you look into this opportunity.

Registration is Open Now for Fall classes.  Check out DANC 076A which offers beginning instruction, and later, follow-up with DANC 076B, which builds on DANC 076A.

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