Celebrating the true power of giving – $100,000 and going strong!

As Coachella Valley residents, we know this is the time of year when seasonal inhabitants return, and welcome a steady influx of visitors dreaming of a desert lifestyle and looking for ways to call our valley “home.” Real estate professionals are the essential bridge to facilitate from dream to reality becoming a local homeowner.

Caritas Realty brings together smart business and philanthropy spirit to help those who need support the most. For every buy and every sell real estate transaction, Caritas donates 15 percent of net commissions to their clients’ charity of choice.

To date, that commitment has resulted in more than $100,000 of charitable donations, marking a professional and personal milestone for Justin and Lanay Berry, owners of Carnitas Realty. Considering the devastating impact  the pandemic has had on many local charities, these donations are true serendipitous gifts. And, Caritas is just getting started.

While most consider philanthropy a choice, Justin and Lanay Berry believe giving back is a core value of daily business and is reflected as the steadfast principle of their heartfelt mission: Supporting communities through real estate transactions.

“We are beyond blessed to continue to learn about new charities that we know nothing about prior to meeting our clients,” Justin said. “And not just learn about them but to both donate to them and spread the word about their valuable work throughout our community.”

Philanthropy is a beautiful thing to witness, and giving to inspire others is a particularly generous act. Caritas Realty celebrates the spirit and power of giving by helping build stronger foundations for local charities and the communities they serve with a resounding “Thank you!” to all who have participated in this impactful program. May we all aspire to find ways to do the same.

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