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Thank you for helping to make our 2017-2018 Season a GRAND SUCCESS!! We are excited to bring you the NEW 2018-2019 Season with two plays at the ATRIUM and two plays at our NEW playhouse in Cathedral City. Several people ask me how and why I choose the plays that I choose. This is a GREAT question that I would like to address. I try my best to keep a library of plays that are both current and not but all have values commensurate to CVRep’s mission statement. I have a long and a short list that varies from year to year. Once I am hooked on my theme for the season, it is easier to make that long list shorter, but I always keep a couple of things in mind.
1.      We have a diverse following of people that come to CVRep. It is important to serve the needs of our community. Some of the comments I hear coming out of a given play — “This was my favorite” or “This was the best one out of the season.” Of course these are different people referring to different plays each time. I totally understand that not everyone is going to like every play. You shouldn’t; everyone comes to the theatre with their own life experience and therefore experiences the subject matter differently. My goal is that the work by our actors and creative team is always TOP NOTCH. The quality of the work is essential to our success.
2.      Another reason is that our company must do important, thought-provoking work to be taken seriously in the national theatre platform. This will help draw the attention of strong actors throughout the country who will want to work at CVRep in future productions, will draw playwrights who want to have their work produced and premiered at CVRep, will eventually make it possible for CVRep to partner with nationally known REP companies on projects (co-productions), and also draw other theatre professionals to want to work at CVRep.
Our 10th Anniversary 2018-2019 Season has been announced and subscriptions are on sale. This year’s theme….”A HANDFUL OF…ISMS”.
Be sure to get your subscription for this historic CVRep Season of Theatre.
I want to THANK EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU who already have and will be purchasing Season Subscriptions and donating what you can to our Season of Theatre. YOU MAKE US POSSIBLE!!! As of this writing, we have sold 777 Season Subscriptions! Our goal is 1300 – please help us achieve this goal by inviting your family and friends.
With a new season comes the pressure of Season Sponsors, we are grateful to announce that Harold Matzner/Spencer’s Restaurant and Barbara Fremont Foundation, along with Eisenhower Health and Peggy Jacobs and Bob Howard, are continuing their support of the full season of plays. Plus Barbara Fremont will be joining the Newman’s Own Foundation again to sponsor our Youth Outreach Production. This year, we are going to need more sponsors and if YOU would like to help us this coming season by becoming a Season Sponsor, please contact our Development Director, Barbara Wolser at
Our NEW building campaign continues to grow thanks to many leaders in our community who are claiming a Naming Right. These are our “Building Visionaries” and our NEW building would NOT BE POSSIBLE IF NOT FOR THESE AMAZING LEADERS.
We look forward to seeing you at the theatre!
Ron Celona
Founding Artistic Director
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