DAP Chiropractic: New Normal Is Less Of A Pain

Dr. Jim Cox

New health and wellness challenges from more sedentary living have prompted DAP Health Center to open chiropractic services to non-clients. People at all fitness levels are experiencing extra inflammation, muscle and joint pain, and stiffness brought on by COVID stress, according to Jim Cox, DC and staff provider of chiropractic services at DAP in Palm Springs.
Anyone interested in adjustments and coaching should call (760) 323-2118 for more information.

For many, the new normal may consist of working from home. This means sitting at the breakfast bar or dining table on a stool or a dining chair. This can wreak havoc on your postural muscles and create inflammation of joints that are not used to being kept in less than ideal positions for hours at a time.
“Most of us know by now that sitting at a desk all day, isn’t the healthiest of habits,” says Dr. Cox. “Add these bad ergonomic setups, and you can see how it would make matters considerably worse.”
For other patients, problems are being caused from skipping the gym, social groups or shopping, either because the facilities are closed or because of taking caution.

Dr. Cox says the COVID culture in which we’re living can cause difficulty in coping with existing stressors. These symptoms are the hallmark of what chiropractors treat. Regular adjustments and a degree of soft tissue therapy can greatly reduce effects that stress can have on our bodies over long term, namely chronic pain, resulting in an overall improved feeling of wellbeing.

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