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DonorSearch and Wealth-X Announce Strategic Knowledge Partnership

DonorSearch, the leading philanthropic giving data and prospect research firm, and Wealth-X, the global leader in wealth information and insight, announced today that the two companies have entered into a strategic knowledge partnership designed to provide their clients with elevated intelligence on the world’s wealthiest individuals. The new partnership will combine DonorSearch’s industry-leading data on the philanthropic giving patterns of the wealthy and donors of all capacities, and the detailed information of Wealth-X’s extensive database of ultra-high net worth (UHNW) and high net worth (HNW) individuals.

DonorSearch and WealthX Partnership
DonorSearch and WealthX Partnership

“Wealth-X maintains the world’s largest database of highly-detailed information on ultra-wealthy individuals, especially the U.S. The addition of Wealth-X’s premium net worth data set enhances the prospect identification potential for nearly every DonorSearch fundraising client,” said DonorSearch CEO Bill Tedesco. “We are thrilled that this partnership provides the vast majority of our 2,700+ nonprofit clients with unparalleled capacity information–colleges, universities, healthcare, arts and cultural organizations, and a myriad of other nonprofits accessing DonorSearch directly, or through their CRM, software, or fundraising council.”

Wealth-X and DonorSearch each maintain extensive data and insights on global wealth that enable organizations to identify and understand HNW and UHNW individuals, in an effort to engage them as new clients, customers, and donors. DonorSearch specializes in working with nonprofit organizations, and Wealth-X works with clients across the nonprofit, financial services, luxury, and education sectors.

“Through our new partnership with DonorSearch, we will significantly enhance our dataset to support the development strategies of our clients,” said Wealth-X Co-Presidents Richard Green and Marc Cohen in a joint statement. “DonorSearch has carved out a significant niche that helps fundraisers secure major gifts, and their intelligence in this sector is the perfect complement to our global database of wealthy individuals.”

In the coming weeks, DonorSearch and Wealth-X will convey information outlining the added benefits available to their clients as a result of this knowledge partnership. For more information in the interim, please contact DonorSearch: or visit

About DonorSearch 
DonorSearch, headquartered in Marriottsville, Maryland, is a leading prospect research and screening firm. Founded in 2007, DonorSearch supports nonprofits of all types, including charities, healthcare organizations, fraternities/sororities, religious organizations, and educators. Using information from 25 databases and proprietary algorithms, DonorSearch helps nonprofits identify and engage more philanthropic prospects. For more information on DonorSearch prospect research and screening tools and services, please visit

About Wealth-X 
The global leader in wealth information and insight, Wealth-X partners with leading prestige brands across the financial services, luxury, not-for-profit, and higher-education industries to fuel strategic decision-making in sales, marketing, and compliance. Wealth-X boasts the world’s most extensive collection of hand curated dossiers on the ultra-wealthy and produces unparalleled high net worth market research. Founded in 2010, with more than 150 staff across North America, Europe, and Asia, Wealth-X works with over 500 clients to provide unique data, analysis, and counsel to drive business success. Visit for more information.

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