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The first all-in-one live online events platform Everything you need to host a successful online event— all in one place With Hopin, you can create live online events that are interactive and personal When we started designing Hopin a few years ago, our aim was to give organizers the ability to recreate the in-person event experience as closely as possible, but online and all in one place. Nothing like this existed and we knew it would be a tall order. But over time, we have come up with a few innovative features that help you accomplish this. At a Hopin event, your attendees can: Network one-on-one over live video. “Connect” and exchange virtual business cards for following up later. Join breakout sessions and participate in groups. Watch keynote presentations on stage, send chat messages, fill out polls, and explore interactive expo areas. There’s also a private virtual backstage for your speakers and branding placements for your sponsors.

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