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How to Look & Feel Like a Pro on Zoom

We’ve pulled together these Top Zoom Meeting Tips to help our clients and colleagues in the nonprofit community appear comfortable and professional in virtual meetings. Enjoy!

1) LIGHTING: The key: direct daylight positioned behind your camera to evenly illuminate your face. Daylight-balanced lightbulbs can be inexpensively purchased to achieve the same result as natural light. We recommend these bulbs or this screen attachment from Amazon.

2) CAMERA POSITION: Your camera should be no lower than at eye level with you. Also—personal space is still important, even when it is perceived only virtually. Move back until your face and upper torso are nicely framed by the screen.
3) PROFESSIONAL ZOOM ATTIRE: Avoid wearing bright whites, deep blacks, and busy patterns in your Zoom meeting, as these tend to show up poorly on-screen. Opt for a plain, solid-colored wardrobe to compliment your usual grooming routine….

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