Integrated Learning Institute Celebrates Its Thirtieth Year!

It is more than just a number.

It is a long history of hope and help for those who struggle to learn, and we are ready to celebrate their ongoing success! We have contented ourselves with private rejoicing for the time being while we wait for the opportunity to celebrate with our friends, supporters and many grateful families.
For parents of children who struggle to learn, finding effective intervention can be a challenge. Integrated Learning Institute (ILI) provides tools for learning that offer hope. The purpose of Integrated Learning Institute is to equip students who have learning problems to become independent learners.
In order to accomplish the goal of developing independent learners, ILI employs the methodologies of The National Institute for Learning Development (NILD).

NILD Educational Therapy is not tutoring or special education, both of which are compensatory in nature and concentrate on helping the learner access academic content in spite of the learner’s weaknesses. NILD Educational Therapy works to strengthen those weaknesses that keep the student from learning efficiently.
Instead of adapting the learning environment to a student’s unique learning struggles, ILI employs an individualized, intensive intervention to strengthen thinking and reasoning thereby increasing the students’ capacity to learn. Students become active participants in their own learning. Individual potential is unlocked. Students emerge not only better prepared to make the grade, but to also make the most of whatever comes their way and succeed beyond the classroom.

What people are saying: “I am very impressed with the thoughtful work NILD accomplishes in training educators to meet the learning and emotional needs of students. NILD members demonstrate an understanding of the learning process and an appreciation of the unique style of each child. They are a group that truly focuses on the whole child, touching both the hearts and mind of students, and reinforcing learning, hope, and resilience.” Robert Brooks, PHD., Faculty. Harvard Medical School, Author, Raising Resilient Children.

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