Is Facebook Really Worth it For Nonprofits?

In the last 12 months, Facebook has launched an array of new tools for nonprofits.

This includes a better donations tool, groups, events, and peer-to-peer fundraisers.

Additionally, Facebook has made three major shifts to how it prioritizes content in the News Feed. All these changes can be tough to keep up with.

What should your nonprofit do? Should you use these tools?

I have been asked by dozens of nonprofits these questions, so I invited my colleague and friend Noah Barnett from CauseVox to go LIVE with me and answer your questions in a 20-minute debate, specifically around the pros and cons of Facebook fundraisers.

Following the debate, we’ll host a 15-minute Q&A to allow you to dive into specific questions you have and how your organization is thinking about Facebook Fundraisers.

RSVP at this link and get a reminder when we go live, and don’t miss a thing!

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