Jewish Family Services of the Desert ( JFS) Partners with Get in Motion Entrepreneurs and Inland Equitty Partnership to Support New Generations of Latino Leaders

Jewish Family Service of the Desert (JFS) is proud to partner with Get in Motion Entrepreneurs, a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to support a new generation of Latino Leaders who create sustainable communities and Inland Equity Partnership (IEP), an economic justice coalition of community groups, organizing and advocating for policies, which reduce poverty. GIME provides Educational Business for the development of entrepreneurs and small business owners in the Greater Coachella Valley region and Riverside County. Get in Motion Entrepreneurs is a 2021/2022 SEED Lab alumni, a Caravanserai Project pre-accelerator focused on mission-driven entrepreneurs. For more information visit

Get in Motion Entrepreneurs Founder & Executive Director Armando Ehrenzweig said, “This is a great opportunity for our Latino Communities. This partnership will allow us to support business owners in their challenges. We will be publishing a series of Mental Health Podcast Episodes that will help Latinos to increase their understanding about Mental Health.”

This project is a Desert Healthcare District & Foundation-supported, RAP Foundation administered opportunity where JFS is partnering with Get in Motion Entrepreneurs and Inland Equity Partnership to provide de-stigmatizing education (podcasts), driving referrals to the Coachella Valley Immigrant Dignity (CVID) hotline, with requests for free telecare counseling in Spanish through JFS.

“Our immigrant justice coalition is excited to partner once again with JFS and Get in Motion Entrepreneurs. Our work, through Coachella Valley Immigrant Dignity (CVID) hotline will be making referrals for free Spanish telecare through JFS. Inland Equity Partnership will be part of the various GIME podcasts regarding how emotional health can help our immigrant community cope through these hard times,” said Maribel Nunoz, Executive Director, Inland Equity Partnership.

Maribel goes on to say, “Inland Equity is excited to be part of this collaboration with JFS and Get in Motion Entrepreneurs. Coachella Valley Immigrant Dignity (CVID) coalition’s work is inspiring the Riverside County Rapid Response Network, which already has 44 member organizations and is growing. As more groups join, the rapid response line is growing into a county-wide program.” Visit

“Our partnership combats this problem by providing information in one’s preferred language that addresses concerns many are afraid or embarrassed to bring up…mental health. Unfortunately, the stigma associated with mental health often keeps those who need help from seeking it for fear of appearing weak, unworthy, or otherwise ‘lesser than’ others. Strong cultural resistance created through generations of learned behavior sometimes makes it more difficult to break through barriers to treatment, but our efforts to educate, encourage, and offer hope to those who need it most is perhaps more important now than at any other time in our (nation’s) history. And, I believe, our actions will necessarily need to continue as stigma and misinformation about mental health continue despite years of effort to eradicate it,” commented Kraig Johnson, Executive Director, JFS.

About JFS

Celebrating its 40th Anniversary, JFS is a non-sectarian agency founded on the Jewish principle of “Healing the World” (Tikkun Olam), serving and embracing the entire community. JFS currently offers support through mental health counseling, augmented case management that includes emergency financial assistance for necessities such as overdue rent and utilities, well-check phone calls and socialization programming for isolated seniors, and special programming for cherished, local Holocaust survivors.

In 2021, JFS offered nearly 16,000 services to nearly 3000 Valley residents. If it touches the heart of the Valley, it touches the heart of JFS! Become part of the JFS family by volunteering or donating.

For more information call 760-325-4088 or visit

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