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Kittyland Cat And Kitten Rescue

Kittyland is a volunteer based, 501c3 non-profit organization, dedicated to rescuing abandoned and neglected cats. We are a sanctuary where kittens and cats are nurtured with compassion in a safe environment, and where senior, disabled and unwanted cats are valued and can live out their lives in dignity and peace.

How you can help.

Kittyland receives it’s funding from donations, grants and fundraising activities. Our supporters are people just like you, people who care about the homeless cats in the Coachella Valley and want to make a difference in their lives. With your help, we can make a difference for these cats and kittens.

Our goal is to find a loving home for every cat in need. Please visit Kittyland or our cats at PetSmart in Palm Springs to consider adding a new furry friend to your family.–where.html

Become a Sponsor
Not everyone can adopt a cat or kitten, but anyone can sponsor one. Every dollar you donate as one of our cats sponsors goes towards their continued care, vet needs, food, litter and anything they need.

Please Donate
Every dollar makes a difference to our program, our cats and kittens, and continued development of our property. Choose how and where you’d like your money to go.

Anytime you can offer to help hold, pet, and brush our cats and kittens, the more social they will be and their chances of adoption improve dramatically. Please consider volunteering.

Please share our mission, our website, any social media, upcoming events, and our story with friends and family. The more that know about us, the more we can help.–share.html

Estate Planning
If you are considering adding a non-profit organization that aligns with your end of life wishes, please think of us for your will or living trust.

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