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National Charity League, Inc. Announces Nearly 3 Million Volunteer Hours Served in Fiscal Year 2019

National Charity League, Inc. (NCL), the nation’s premier mother-daughter non-profit organization, has announced its largest number of volunteer hours served in the nearly 95-year history of the organization. More than 2.7 million volunteer hours were served in the Fiscal Year 2019 (June 2018-May 2019) to over 4,000 philanthropy partners throughout the U.S., resulting in a $66 million national fiscal impact.

“By volunteering almost 3 million hours, our mother-daughter Members are not just serving those immediately in need within their communities, but learning the important lesson of how to become a life-long philanthropist, thus having a ripple effect on all of the communities they serve throughout their lifetime,” said Iris Swinea, Director of Programs, National Charity League, Inc. “Volunteering is at the heart and soul of National Charity League, and hitting almost 3 million volunteer hours in just one year is an amazing milestone worth celebrating.”

NCL Chapter Members will begin the celebration today – Saturday, Sept. 7 — at the organization’s 2019 Fall District Meetings taking place throughout the U.S.

Locally, NCL Chapters engage with over 4,000 philanthropies every year. The top national philanthropy served was Meals on Wheels, with over 47,000 hours. The other top national philanthropies include: Ronald McDonald House, Humane Society, Special Olympics, Susan G. Komen, Feeding America Food Banks, Operation Homefront, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, as well as American Heart Association, their National Philanthropy Partner for the 2019 Fiscal Year.

Philanthropic categories are wide-ranging, covering just about every type of cause. The top causes served by NCL Members include: Children & Youth, Community & Family, Health, Food & Housing, Disabled, Senior/Elderly, Animals, Military, Education, Art & Culture, Women, and Environment.

About National Charity League, Inc.

Established in Los Angeles, California in 1925, and incorporated in 1958, National Charity League, Inc. is the nation’s premier mother-daughter non-profit organization. Through mission-based programming, National Charity League develops socially responsible community leaders and strengthens the mother-daughter bond. The core program includes leadership development, community service, and cultural experiences.

Currently, the philanthropic organization has over 73,000 Members in hundreds of Chapters across the nation. Having grown by nearly 70 percent in the last decade, those Members contributed more than 2.7 million volunteer hours to more than 4,000 local philanthropy partners last year alone, resulting in a $66 million fiscal impact. National Charity League will proudly celebrate its 95th anniversary in 2020.

For more information or for Alumnae interested in reconnecting, visit to find a Chapter in your area.

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