Norma Castaneda Named Top 10 Inspiring COO

HR Advantage is proud of our very own Norma Castaneda, who has been named to the Top 10 Inspiring COOs of 2022 list by Industry Era magazine.

Recognized as an innovative business development and operations strategist, Norma thrives on leading operational efficiency improvements, project planning, and generating rapid revenue growth for her roster of clients and employers. She leverages a nationwide talent network, resolves mission critical issues, creates value for stakeholders, and develops emergent companies, whisking them to new heights both in scope and earnings.

As COO for the Latino-owned Fidelis Specialty Pharmacy, Norma has mirrored the healthcare company’s workforce to reflect the diversity of their complex and critical care patients who are often left behind – while simultaneously optimizing patient care and improving patient outcomes. Ninety percent of Fidelis clinicians speak at least two languages, including Spanish, Tagalog, and English. Whether conveying important information or navigating a dire medical situation, they fully connect with their patient base.

“Seeing the passion that the Fidelis owners have for patient care and their daily commitment to living their vision and mission is what attracted me to the company,” shares Castaneda. The nurturing culture has led to a 96.7% approval patient satisfaction rating.”

As an entrepreneur, Norma also founded HR Advantage in 2011 to help companies like Fidelis maximize their potential and their bottom line. The HR outsourcing company offers full-service business management by a talented team of specialists and strategists who develop the HR, operations, marketing, accounting, and revenue-growing backbone of their clients. Recently, HR Advantage was named a Top 10 HR Consulting Company by Manage HR magazine.

“I have been blessed with mentors who own and operate multiple businesses,” she shares. “Growing various companies gives me creativity to innovate while diversifying my education and aspirations.” Norma has led C-suite executives to achievements across divergent industries including healthcare, biopharma, hospitality, private aviation, casinos, real estate development, and non-profit organizations. “When a business enlists me, I want to understand what the owners or management teams envision,” she relates. “The key is to align the operational road map with their goals and fine-tune their structure and processes so they can successfully set their wheels in motion and start to see the profits roll in.”

“Just as Fidelis patients flourish under the pharmacy’s specialized services, the company will continue to thrive in our industry, expanding into multiple states across the nation.”

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