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Olive Crest Kicks Off Sweepstakes for New Toyota

Two New Toyotas Will be Given Away – One for a Needy Family

Olive Crest, the Child Abuse Stops Here Network along with corporate sponsors will give a needy family a new car as part of a sweepstakes program. A second car will be given to the lucky winner of the sweepstakes.

“The sweepstakes will raise money to prevent child abuse,” said Donald Verleur, Executive Director of Olive Crest. “Every ten seconds a child is abused in the US. Five children die every day from the effects of abuse. Every year 3.5 million children are reported as neglected or abused. The Child Abuse Stops Here Network works to increase awareness of abused and neglected children. The Network also raises funds to assist Child Abuse Prevention Agencies across the US.”

Sweepstakes sponsors include: Larry H. Miller Toyota of Corona, Albertsons Vons Pavilions, California Olive Branch, S&W/Fairbault Food and Don Francisco’s Coffee.

The sweepstakes car is a new 2021 Toyota Camry SE.

A needy family (currently being served by Olive Crest in Southern California) will receive a second car, a 2021 Toyota Corolla. This family will be given the car later this month.

The sweepstakes starts on March 10th. Sweepstakes entries include donations at the Child Abuse Stops Here Facebook page: The public can also enter at participating sponsor websites or Sweepstakes rules and information about entering without a purchase is on this site.

The sweepstakes will continue through April 10th.

For Olive Crest, child abuse prevention means more than getting involved when a child is suffering through a crisis (abuse, neglect, isolation), it means stopping the cycle of abuse before it happens.

Olive Crest has been dedicated to preventing child abuse for over 50 years

Olive Crest transforms the lives of at-risk children through intervention and education. The goal is to provide a strong family for every child.

Olive Crest stops child abuse is by strengthening families. When a family experiences crisis they need a caring community of people to wrap-around and support them. The goal is not to break families apart, but to help families become better.

The vision of a strong family for every child means that every child is raised and nurtured in a strong, stable, and loving family, surrounded by friends, church, and a supportive community.

Olive Crest is committed to take on even the most difficult cases. Often these are cases that other organizations (including governmental organizations) won’t take on. This works out because the group takes a whole-person approach, where one size definitely does not fit all.

When Olive Crest says, “one life at a time®”, the organization means it. Every child is different, every mom, and dad, and grandparent, and guardian, is different. By working together to understand each situation, they are equipped for life. This may seem like it is just common sense, but it is a truly unique way of helping families.

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