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Queen Bee Fundraising: Engage and inspire through successful fundraising events

Does Your Organization Struggle with Fundraising Events?

  • Are you stuck with unproductive committees and reluctant boards?
  • Do your sponsorships and tickets go unsold?
  • Are you worried about your staff’s stress from the event’s workload?

You are not alone. Organizations of all sizes struggle with producing profitable and engaging fundraising events.

This is why I have created a proven process that helps nonprofits realize their goals of events that energize boards, attract sponsors, sell tickets, and turn guests into donors.

How Do Your Fundraising Events Stack Up?

A winning event energizes board members, boosts your staff’s morale, and turns guests into donors.

Want to find out how to turn your under-performing events into an engagement powerhouse? Let’s schedule a call and i can show you how!

Why experience counts

I have produced over 100 successful events and raised millions of dollars for organizations just like yours.

When we work together, you benefit from my unique skillset includes over 20-years of experience as a professional event producer plus a background in both fundraising and engagement neuropsychology.

For 20 years I have helped organizations who previously had struggled with under-performing events to raise millions of dollars and connect with new donors. I am ready to help your organization take steps towards creating events that raise more funds, engage new donors, and are less stress to produce.

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