Reinventing Charity Golf Events – Standout From the Crowd and Raise More Money

There are over 300,000 charity golf events in the U.S. each year.

99% of events are the same format – a 4-person scramble with a box lunch and awards reception. Players are tired of the same format, 5-to-6-hour rounds and a lack of event day excitement. Not to mention , sponsors are disappointed with the lack of opportunities to engage with participants before, during and after the event.

Now is the time to launch your event with unique features to energize your event and raise more money.

A new, innovative trend is adding more Par 3 holes to an event. Some organizers convert the entire golf course to 18 Par 3 holes. This provides an opportunity for 18 hole in one contests, energizing the event and adding more sponsorship opportunities. In addition, As a result, players have more time to engage with each other rather than chasing golf balls all over the golf course and the event is usually over in under four hours. Because of this, organizers also have the option to set up 6-person teams to enhance networking potential without adding too much time to the round. We work with many events using this new format that are “sold out” every year and have exceeded their fundraising goals by over 30%.

A modified version of this format is available as well by offering nine Par 3 holes and nine regulation holes. This allows golfers to play a full set of clubs while reducing the event length significantly.

In addition to this format, since there can be questionable scoring with any 4-person scramble, you can introduce a two-person scramble. You still play foursomes but each two-person team is competing on their own in the foursome, thereby keeping everyone honest when reporting scores. Additional options to maximize excitement is to add a $1 Million Shootout immediately after golf. The Shootout is a perfect way to cap off an event for players and sponsors as they gather to watch participants shoot for the insured cash prize.

Successful event organizers know that sponsorships are the key to achieving their financial goals. In reviewing thousands of events over the years, we see organizers fall short in creating imaginative sponsorship packages.

Focus on expanding your sponsorship benefits. Offer benefits that not only recognize sponsors but provide a platform for sponsor engagement with the players. Developing trends encompass inviting sponsors to be on the course to host the contest they sponsor. For example, let the sponsor help conduct the putting contest or have them meet players with the hole in one contest they sponsor. Many events allow sponsors to present the awards for the contest they sponsored, thereby garnering even more recognition for their brand.

You can even take it a step further and allow sponsors to set up “mini” sampling booths at the event and encourage them to post short YouTube videos on your event website. Some other examples include highlighting certain high dollar sponsors in your press kit or spotlighting sponsor donated items in an online auction hosted by the organization. An online auction is effective extension to your golf event that adds revenue, engages frequently with bidders and builds your potential database. You can set up an auction easily and combine donated items with consignment items. This video will explain how to set up and promote an auction successfully. You can provide benefits to both players and sponsors with a creative player gift as well. Sponsors cover the costs in exchange for their logos being represented on the gift and players take home something to remind them to play in your event next year! Be sure to provide a quality gift that players will appreciate, it’s extremely important in keeping your player retention rate high.

Be sure to leverage the technology of your Perfect Golf Event and Perfect Silent Auction websites. Promote your format, contests and sponsorship opportunities in social media with links directly to your event website. Be sure to use Perfect Silent Auction to your advantage as well in order to maximize the revenue raised at your event. Visit and click on Resources for more ideas and click on the Tournament Shop for tournament packages that include unique formats and contests. Click here to visit Perfect Silent Auction for great tools to running a successful auction leading up to or on your event day.

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