Parkinson’s Resource Organization Announces Inaugural Celebrity Pro-Am Brisket Cook Off Competition, Part of 2022-2023 CARING FORWARD Campaign 

 Parkinson’s Resource Organization (PRO) has found a way to merge their mission of caring with comfort food – by throwing in a dash of competition to raise awareness and support for people with Parkinson’s and their family/caregivers. The Inaugural Celebrity Pro-Am Brisket Cook Off Competition will pit home cooks against professional chefs in a blind-tasting event with local celebrities, cocktails, raffles and prizes on October 21st & 22nd, 2022.

‘A Brisket with a Purpose…’

WHO: Parkinson’s Resource Organization

WHAT: Inaugural Celebrity Pro–Am Brisket Cook Off Competition & Local Launch Event

WHEN: October 21st and 22nd, 2022

WHERE: Shadow Mountain Golf Club, Palm Desert on 10/21 and Private Residence, Palm Springs on 10/22.

“There’s something deeply comforting about Mom’s home cooked brisket,” says Jo Rosen, Parkinson’s Resource Organization Founder and President. “It brings people together. We wanted to tap into that sense of caring, using comfort food and cooking – which is an inherently loving act – as we care for our beloved Parkinson’s community.”

The multi-day event, part of PRO’s Caring Forward Until There is a Cure™ Campaign 2022-2023, will raise money for the organization, which provides emotional support, practical resources, one-on-one coaching, information, and more to the Parkinson’s community in Coachella Valley and across the nation.

Participants, including chefs from local restaurants, home cooks with Grandma’s secret recipe, and surprise celebrity guests, will compete for first, second, and third place prizes at each event, although the real winners will be the attendees, who get to taste more than a dozen unique takes on brisket at an evening cocktail event at the National Kick-Off at Shadow Mountain Golf Club. A more intimate gathering of chefs and cooks will participate On Saturday, October 22nd, 2022 at the home of Dr. Howard Cohen, a hospice physician and longtime supporter of Parkinson’s Resource Organization.

The winning briskets will be featured in a commemorative cookbook alongside recipe contributions from celebrities, partnering restaurants, people with Parkinson’s, and others. Many local restaurants, retailers, and grocers will also be participating both at the events and also with special promotions in their own venues to support Parkinson’s Resource Organization.

Originally envisioned as a small backyard fundraiser by Dr. Cohen, who has hosted similar events in the past, the overwhelming response to PRO’s initial call for participants prompted the organization to grow the event. “We’re overwhelmed by the enthusiasm with which this little idea has been received,” says Rosen. “It turns out cooking and competitions are a winning combo, especially when combined with the opportunity to do good for a vulnerable population. We’re excited to see where this goes.”

PRO is finalizing a major national specialty food Naming Sponsor for the Brisk-Off, which will be announced shortly. There are still sponsorship opportunities available at the following levels:

  • Restaurant Sponsor ($2,500)

  • Corporate Sponsor ($2,500)

  • VIP Sponsor ($500)

Join us as we celebrate food and caring…

Tickets will be available for purchase starting September 1, 2022 at Email to learn more.

For information on participating as a chef or home cook, contact TJ Mendelson or 760-773-5628 Ext.239

For sponsorship information please contact : TJ Mendelson or 760-773-5628 Ext.239

About Parkinson’s Resource Organization

Since 1990, Parkinson’s Resource Organization (PRO) has served countless people caring for and living with Parkinson’s disease, a disorder of the central nervous system which affects movement, often including tremors. PRO originated when founder and double-caregiver Jo Rosen found herself overwhelmed and struggling alone as both her mother and her beloved husband battled Parkinson’s. She was inspired to create an organization that would advocate for, educate and provide emotional support for caregivers of people with Parkinson’s. Today, PRO serves more than 32,000 clients,

Parkinson’s Resource Organization (PRO) is dedicated to “Working so no one is isolated because of Parkinson’s.” PRO works to improve the quality of life for families and individuals affected by Parkinson’s through education, support, and practical resources, including the Wellness Village, a free, virtual, vetted, digital resource directory of the best available providers and services within the Parkinson’s world, designed to ease the research burden and introduce constituents to a wide range of holistic and practical support services to navigate Parkinson’s. For more information visit

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