Sonoran Desert Wagon Tours in Palm Springs Experience the Pioneer Lifestyle

Most wouldn’t think much life can exist within these deserts, however you’d be surprise how much life is teaming within the Southern California and Nevada deserts. Joshua Trees are very common within these areas which most around the world don’t get to see. Our Wagon Tours in Palm Springs have been a great retreat for families across the globe as well as for wedding events. Get out of the everyday city living and experience the frontier our ancestors once thrived on! Once you experience the tranquility of the Sonoran Deserts you will see why so many come back for another tour.

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Are you looking for Palm Springs activities that are also relaxing? Experience the most unique of all the desert wagon tours. Covered Wagon Tours is an adventure of spectacular scenery, entertainment, and BBQ cuisine. The Good Old Days are still here and we preserve it via our Sonoran Desert Experience! Experience one of the best Wagon Tours & Desert Adventure like the pioneers did, on a mule-drawn Covered Wagon! Take a comfortable, scenic and educational tour into a pristine, 30,000-acre desert oases wilderness preserve, accessible to Covered Wagon Tours!

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