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South Los Angeles Non-Profit Strive Receives $1,000,000 Gift to Expand Services at Watts Mini Campus for Inner City Children

The funds will be used to expand Strive’s campus and programming

Strive, a Mini Campus for Inner City Children based in South Los Angeles, announced the receipt of a generous $1,000,000 donation. The funds will be used to expand Strive’s campus and programming, allowing Strive to work with more children and provide a deeper level of support to the families it serves.

The donation was made by a Southern California family that wishes to remain anonymous. $500,000 was donated recently and is already being put to good use, with the remaining half pledged for the end of 2022.

Strive is currently celebrating its 32nd year of operation providing educational opportunities to inner city youth in the South Los Angeles community.  Strive’s mini campus is designed to provide a sanctuary for children who are experiencing difficult situations, so they get a genuine first-class experience and education from the moment they walk through the doors.

While Strive’s after school programs teach basic reading and writing skills, the non-profit’s motto is “Healthy Behavior, Willing Attitude, then Academics”.

Strive places a unique emphasis on personal responsibility, willingness to learn, and perseverance. Educators encourage our children to think of themselves not as victims, but as individually responsible stewards of their own behavior, choices, and the resulting course they choose for their lives.  This philosophy has led to great success and advancement for children who participate in the program.

Strive’s mini campus currently spans an entire half block in Watts, and there are long-term plans to acquire the remaining half for the creation of a private academy-par school.   The mini campus is owned debt free and recent improvements include a new 3400 square foot garden and outdoor theater area for classroom activities. Strive operates solely on foundation, private, and corporate donations, and receives no government funding.

In addition to the capital improvements, the recent donation is being used to hire an on-site child and family therapist.  This is a critically important position that will help children deal with the emotional and mental challenges they are facing in today’s environment, especially coming out of Covid and the associated isolation experienced during that time.

“This is an extremely generous donation that will be put to great use by further improving the Strive mini campus and bringing in additional resources for our kids, including a full-time family and child therapist,” said Strive Founder Jim Tetreau.

“Thanks to the kindness and generosity of this anonymous family, we will be able to address significant academic and emotional needs that would otherwise go ignored,” Tetreau continued. “On behalf of all of Strive, we would like to thank this family for their commitment to improving the lives of children in our community and creating life changing opportunities.”

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