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Volunteer based non-profit providing free services to medical workers in Southern California, Seattle, and Reno in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID Child Care is a student run non-profit providing free in-home child care and virtual tutoring to essential medical workers in need. Across our 7 branches in 4 states, CCC has received over 200 requests for help from medical workers, recruited more than 400 volunteers, and saved medical workers over $130,000 in child care and tutoring costs. CCC disproportionately serves low-income single mothers and saves each family a median of $680 dollars per week in child care costs.

Behind every volunteer and medical worker partnership that we put into action is an inspiring story of gratitude, selflessness, and sacrifice. Sue is a nurse and grandmother who took in her 8 year old grandson, Luke, after his mother’s passing in November 2019. In the wake of school and daycare closures and the increased demand for medical workers due to the pandemic, Sue turned to CCC for help. Her request for child care was filled within 24 hours, and now Josh, a 20 year old undergraduate, looks after Liam. Several medical workers and volunteers with stories like this are ready and willing to be interviewed in person or virtually.

With schools across the country closed and the CDC Director warning that fall and winter could be “one of the most difficult times we’ve experienced in American public health,” our program is more important now than ever. Whether you cover CCC to demonstrate the ways that college students have mobilized to help their communities in the wake of the pandemic, to draw attention to the immediate need for child care solutions, or to tell touching anecdotes like Sue’s, there is a story here worth sharing.

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