Volunteer Palm Springs Rolls Out Public Safety Program

By David Carden, Jr.

Volunteer Palm Springs (VPS) has created a new public safety program – P.S. Cares – dedicated to saving lives and preventing injury through education and awareness of public safety.

“Public safety is a key challenge for cities across the Coachella Valley,” says David Carden, jr., Founder/Chair.  “With an astounding number of vehicle-pedestrian accidents resulting in injuries and death, we must act to help protect our residents and visitors and halt this trend.”

The core elements of P.S. Cares are education and awareness for bicycle, pedestrian and traffic safety.  A safety brochure outlines valuable safety tips and VPS has also created custom reflective safety vests for both adults and their pet dogs.  The goal of the program is get people talking about safety and hopefully changing behavior to keep people safe on our city streets.

VPS has partnered with the Palm Springs Police Department, City of Palm Springs and Desert Regional Trauma Injury Prevention Outreach to coordinate a series of Public Safety Town Hall meetings during the upcoming season.  “Our program is self-sustaining,” David states.  “For every two adult or doggie vest we sell we will donate one to a senior citizen, a person in need and to an animal shelter – it is a win-win for everyone.”

Adult reflective safety vests are available in all sizes and priced at $25.  The doggie vests feature a ‘tiny’ vest for the ultra-small dogs to XL for dogs up to 145 pounds at a cost of only $15.  For more information on the P.S. Cares public safety program including safety tips and to purchase reflective safety vests go to: today.

If you are interested in scheduling a Public Safety program please contact David Carden, jr. at or call him at 760.902.2297.

“With an aging population, low-density lighting, more bicycle lanes and an increase in tourists visiting our desert, public safety is our number one challenge today” David said.  “There is nothing more precious than a human life.  The life you save may be your own!”

If you are interested in volunteer opportunities join Volunteer Palm Springs today – go to – there is no cost for membership.  Remember, every day is a good day to volunteer!

David Carden, jr.  Founder/Chair     760.902.2297

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