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Together We Can Flatten the Curve – Benevity

The last few days have been surreal, and many of us are adjusting to a new reality. For those of you who know a little bit about Benevity, you may have heard about one of our cultural values: “We Are We, Not Just Me.” And now, more than ever, we are embracing this mantra as we work with each other —businesses, nonprofits and our global community — to do our part in “flattening the curve” of COVID-19.


Compassion in Crisis

Recently, our Founder and CEO, Bryan de Lottinville, published a LinkedIn post that calls on all of us to be part of a global movement fueled by collective action. With some of the world’s most iconic brands in our client community, we have had the privilege to witness some of the work these purpose-led companies are doing to influence the trajectory and impact of COVID-19. From matching campaigns, to public engagement and newly-announced grants, these changemakers are helping us see what’s possible. We’ve also heard from countless others that they’re looking for resources to help them take action. So, we’re building out a resource hub that will have the tools you need to navigate COVID-19 at your company. Stay tuned and follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram for updates.

Collective Impact

$300,000 to Amplify Your Impact

Benevity doesn’t have all of the answers — but we want to do everything we can to support our employees, clients, charities and the public. That’s why, yesterday, we launched a public giving opportunity with a 1:1 donation match up to $300,000 as a way to amplify your impact and help in these unprecedented times. Within a few short hours, we reached our cap! But you can still give and join the movement. This is only the beginning …

In Bryan’s words, “How we respond to these challenges — both as companies and as people — may be more significant than anything we have ever done in our lives.”

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