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Women’s History Month Celebrates Women Who Inspire Change

Today, thanks to Coin Up App Founder Leena Patidar, change inspires change everyday

March is Women’s History Month, a time when we celebrate women whose contributions have significantly changed our society. Today, in a digital world, one “mompreneuer” Leena Patidar is making history by changing the future of giving. Patidar’s revolutionary app, Coin Up [], inspires change on a daily basis—literally, figuratively, and on the go!

Patidar’s Coin Up is a mobile app that allows users to donate their virtual “spare change” to a charity they are passionate about. Coin Up users round up their transactions on any credit or debit card and direct the funds to a qualified nonprofit of choice, making an impact every month. “It all adds up for our nonprofits!” says Patidar. “Coin Up’s ability to collect each person’s virtual spare change and bundle it all together is a game-changer as we all move toward a ‘cashless’ society.”

As Coin Up continues to grow, so does its giving power, with close to 200 national and regional charities signed up. This includes causes for children, the environment, animals, and religion, to name a few. In fact, in July, 2017, Coin Up was recognized for charting new territory in technology and philanthropy with a Pinnacle Award from Athena San Diego, a prestigious women’s organization supporting science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). This just one year after Coin Up become the first mobile donation approved by the approved by Apple’s App store.

“The award from Athena was such a powerful affirmation for me and the success of Coin Up,” Patidar says. “The experience and award help me reflect on the importance of building a company like Coin Up that is authentic and transparent in our giving environment. It really is THE FUTURE OF GIVING.”

The Coin Up app is free to download and encourages users to give to causes they are passionate about through the convenience of everyday transactions. It is also free for non-profits to sign up. “Young women (and men) are empowered to make a difference in the world with everyday purchases…a nickel and dime at a time,” says Patidar. “Plus, Coin Up spreads awareness about all of our non-profit partners. It’s a platform that raises funds but also to shares knowledge and passion about the many worthy causes you don’t hear about every day.” This is how women continue to make history—or change—each in her own way.

Celebrate Women’s History Month by making a difference with your spare change. Download the app today or visit the web app to make YOUR change in the world: Be sure to follow @CoinUpApp and get involved in the conversation.

About Coin Up

Coin Up is an innovative mobile app that provides a platform for donors to give to their favorite charitable causes effortlessly. Once downloaded and registered, the app will round up everyday purchases made on your credit card or debit card to the nearest dollar and send the “spare change” directly to the person’s chosen charities each month. The app is free to download and was designed to have people give to causes they are passionate about, making it easy for their spare change to have major impact. Coin Up’s mission is to create a society that engages in charitable giving through the convenience of everyday transactions. For more information, visit YOUR CHANGE. YOUR IMPACT @CoinUpApp


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