Applause launches two-way livestreaming platform for fundraising ahead of Giving Tuesday

Applause’s new fundraising platform promises to help nonprofits raise more than anywhere else at zero up-front cost.
Applause is launching a new online fundraising platform based on two-way livestreaming to help non-profits make a bigger impact. After a wildly successful beta test, Applause is finally ready to be introduced to the broader community, just in time for Giving Tuesday. And because the host and moderators use Zoom, it’s easy to use.

“The pandemic has been hard on everyone, but it’s been particularly hard for those who rely on live events. Helping those who have been severely affected by the pandemic is at the heart of why we created Applause and it’s been very rewarding to see numerous successful charity events hosted on the platform in recent months.”, said Matt Jaffe, CEO of Applause.
Some of the non-profit groups who have benefited from events on Applause so far include The Practice Space, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, the ACLU and Good Call NYC.

Giving Tuesday happens on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, kicking off the end of year giving season. It was born out of the idea that we could use social media for good and it’s one of the highest-volume days for non-profit donations each year. This year, Giving Tuesday is more vital than ever following the slow-down in 2020.

“We are excited to help more great organizations raise meaningful money this Giving Tuesday. We’re pleased to be able to offer Applause which makes it not only easy to donate within the event itself, but also to engage directly with attendees which makes it all the more special.”, Matt Jaffe says.

“We’ve hosted a number of successful fundraisers on Applause, including one where we raised more than any event we’ve done since we were founded, including in-person events.” said AnnMarie Baines of The Practice Space, a non-profit that helps individuals learn how to be more effective public speakers.

You can sign up to host your own virtual fundraiser on Applause by going to
Applause’s mission is to empower creators and their supporters to thrive through a deep and direct connection with one another. Originally founded to help those whose livelihoods were so severely affected by the pandemic, Applause has evolved into a home to help anyone who wants to maximize giving from their supporters. Tens of thousands of audience members have taken part in hundreds of events on Applause that have helped nonprofits earn meaningful money and brought tears of joy to the eyes of their supporters. We’re located in Los Angeles, CA, with deep roots in the technology industry.

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