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Barkingham Pet Hotel – Things to watch for if you have large breeds.

For those of you that have large breed, barrel-chested dogs, bloat can happen in many of the larger breeds. If not caught in time, can be deadly. With only about 30 minutes to get your dog to the vet, the dog’s stomach can flip. This leads to a very painful death unless caught in time.

You will see the dog pacing, salivating and extremely anxious and uncomfortable. Many theories are that either the dog may eat too fast while intaking too much air at the same time. Another theory is dry kibble expands in the stomach. Also, drinking a lot of water while eating and exercising heavily prior to eating. Some people choose to have their dog’s stomach tacked to prevent bloat.

At Barkingham, we use slow feeders and stop exercise an hour before and after, to give the dog’s stomach time to rest before going out and resuming activity.

Palm Desert’s Best Place to Pamper Your Pet

Since 2011, Barkingham Pet Hotel California has provided the finest in pet boarding, grooming and spa services for furry friends throughout the Palm Desert, CA area. Our locally owned luxury pet resort and spa will give your dog or cat the pampering they deserve. Barkingham Pet Hotel California is operated by true animal lovers and you can rest easy knowing your pet will be treated with true care.

To schedule any of our services, please call (760) 691-5750 .

We have staff available 24 hours a day and cameras throughout our facility for the best security in town. As part of our commitment to exceptional care and service to our clients, we ensure that our staff has been trained in the proper care of all sizes of dogs and cats. Additionally, our staff is always going through continuous education on animal behavior and has been certified in animal CPR.

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