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CVRep New Playhouse Dedicated to Educating, Entertaining and Making the Valley a Better Place to Live

It is with great joy and gratitude that I can finally share with you that CVRep is now the proud owner of our very own building and soon-to-be playhouse.
After two years of diligent work by several of our Board members and staff, by the amazing individuals within Cathedral City as well as contributions by our dedicated donors, CVRep will have a NEW playhouse dedicated to educating, entertaining and making our valley a better place to live and thrive.
We at CVRep believe that the people devoted to our organization have proven themselves to have created an arts center that is making a difference in our community. And this is because of YOU; our patrons and donors who have supported us for almost 10 years.
The next year will be filled with events and fundraisers and we are asking you to help us celebrate this milestone by attending and contributing to these events.
As of today, we have begun demolition of the interior of our new complex and once this task is completed, our contractors will begin construction of a stage, rigging, dressing rooms, etc. The creation of our Playhouse will be completed in 3 phases, which will be detailed out in a letter that Joe Giarrusso, our President, and I will be mailing to you.
Finally, please be sure that our box office has your current mailing address. In the meantime, I look forward to seeing you at the current CVRep Theatre in Rancho Mirage.
Ron Celona
Founding Artistic Director
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