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Every Nonprofit Deserves Successful Special Events

As a professional event producer specializing in galas and fundraisers, A.J. Steinberg was a hot commodity.

With over twenty years of successful events under her belt she was the go-to gal to jumpstart under-performing events and freshen up boring galas. As her reputation and business grew A.J. realized that only a handful of the biggest, well-funded nonprofits could afford the cost of her services.

It seemed wrong to her that the smaller organizations that needed help the most with their events were the ones who could least afford event producers’ sky-high fees. And so, in 2016 she decided to change all that and started Queen Bee Fundraising.

Her goal with Queen Bee Fundraising was to create affordable, easy-to-follow resources that could be accessed by nonprofits no matter how small their budgets. She spent two years consolidating her extensive event planning knowledge into web courses, workshops and online resources that could level the playing field when it comes to profitable and meaningful events.

“All nonprofits deserve to succeed with their special events,” claims A.J., and she has made that her priority. As a topic expert with, she reaches thousands of nonprofit professionals and volunteers each year through her webinars and courses. She also leads workshops and speaks nationally on the topics most critical to a nonprofit’s success with special events.

“It doesn’t matter if you are a huge international organization or a one-person shop, there are strategies and protocols you must follow if you want to maximize your event’s engagement and profitability.”

A.J.’s pet project, the e-course Exceptionally Successful Events created in conjunction with, is what she is most excited about.

“My focus was to create an on-demand course which would lead nonprofit professionals and volunteers through each specific step of event planning.” Her course, now available through, has twelve easy-to-follow units that include event committee management, event marketing, silent auctions, and running the day of the event like a professional event planner.

“I remember when I first started event planning,” explains A.J. “I was really just muddling through things, and despite all the information now available on the internet there still wasn’t a place where nonprofits could get all their event planning resources and strategies. Now I’ve changed that, and this is going to be a real game changer for a lot of nonprofits in the future.”

A.J. Steinberg and Queen Bee Fundraising are looking forward bringing all nonprofits the knowledge, strategies and resources they need to succeed with events. “I’m going to change the world,” she says, “one event at a time!”

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