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While we shelter in place because of the COVID-19 pandemic,
The Joslyn Center must also prepare for the HOT summer months.
Our Meals on Wheels program does not stop; not for COVID-19
and not for 115-degree weather. Why? Because many seniors are home alone and unable to shop or cook for themselves. The Joslyn Center is the only source of a nutritious meal and friendly face for many. Theresa relies on receiving her Meals on Wheels delivery from her Joslyn Center volunteer. Without this life-saving meal service, Theresa would be home . . . alone and hungry. With summer just around the corner, help us
make sure that Theresa and others like her can continue to depend on
their Meals on Wheels delivery. We cannot do it without YOU.

Dear Friend,

At The Joslyn Center we hear stories like Theresa’s every day. We must be ready and able to continue our Meals on Wheels program during this COVID-19 pandemic and start preparing now for the summer. Our volunteer heroes are delivering meals to frail, home-bound seniors today and will continue during the summer months. If we stopped for COVID-19 or because of the hot weather, what would people like Theresa do? Our Meals on Wheels is the only thing standing between many seniors living independently as they can rely on regular meal delivery and not worrying about going without nutritious freshly prepared food.

One Meals on Wheels recipient, Richard, retired 15 years ago. He is dealing with declining health and growing financial insecurity. Richard thought he had saved enough for retirement, but his savings are gone, and he is limited to just Social Security. Before he joined our program, there were some days when Richard had to make a choice between paying his high summer electric bill and eating. His story is typical of the financial struggles and choices faced by seniors in the mobile home parks, apartments, and senior living communities in our own backyard.

With hot weather fast approaching, the need to make sure that seniors like Theresa and Richard are taken care of becomes even more critical. Did you know that $250 will provide Meals on Wheels to a senior for a month and helps them stay living independently in their own home?

Your contribution of $1000, $250, $50 or $25 will help ensure that these seniors will always have a place to turn for their nutritional needs. It is another way you can help to beat the effects of COVID-19 in our community.

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in unexpected challenges. Major sources of income for providing essential nutrition services for our seniors have ended abruptly.

With the hot summer months coming fast and on the heels of this devastating virus, your help is the only guarantee that Theresa, Richard, and others like them will receive the nutritious food they need. We cannot continue these programs without you. Today, we are asking you to help us fund desperately needed services that provide food to hungry and isolated seniors right here in our own community. Your contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250 or more will help ensure that programs like Meals on Wheels can keep up with the growing need.

Thank you so much for your support! We could not do it without you.

Jack Newby
Executive Director

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