Eight4Nine is Proud to Launch Good Deed Friday!


Inspired by the initial generosity of Art Williams & Gene Leone, EIGHT4NINE is proud to launch GOOD DEED FRIDAY in support of our Healthcare Heroes on the front lines during this crisis.

We wish to thank our very generous friends and neighbors who have contributed to this very worthy cause, and we invite you to join them:

Art Williams and Gene Leone, Ann Sheffer, Patrick Jordan, Mark Smith, Rosie Benjoseph, Nancy Neville, Christopher Parman, Ginny Weissman, David Hood & George Sellers, Sarah & Leo Milmet, Jennifer Forest & Emily Smith, Philip Cooper & Scott Vandkye, Barbara Stebbins, Nickie Tripodes, Janice Musante, Phyllis Eisenberg, Ed Ellis, Tom Truhe & Chuck Hasse, Rut Patrignani, Linda Iannone & Shag Clarkson, Robert Jeddeloh & Peter Krembs, Steve Kaufer, Jeffrey Norman, Renee Glickman, Phylis Cooper, Joshua Smith, Edie Grossi, Melissa Neiderman, Bertil Linblad, Shay and Sally Taylor, Russell Schnepf, Jeff Aubel and…YOU?
With your help, we can transform GOOD DEED FRIDAY into GOOD DEED EVERYDAY.
To make a contribution, please contact Willie Rhine directly at or on his cell at (760) 808

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