New Givevia™ Program Funds Nonprofits & Empowers Supporters

A powerful new Shop-to-Give program allows charitable organizations to tap into a new funding source and expanded supporter base.

Today marks the official release announcement for Givevia, a program which enables nonprofit organizations to tap into a new source of funding automatically generated through supporters’ everyday online shopping. Uniquely, these additional donations are generated at no cost to shoppers. This empowers current supporters to do even more and enables virtually anyone to contribute to funding a cause.

“We believe in the power of everyday activities to support a social purpose,” says Tina Fisher, Givevia’s CEO and Co-Founder. “That’s why we’re partnering with some of the most impactful nonprofits and their passionate supporters to amplify what a caring spirit can do for the cause.”

The program works within the busy patterns of everyday people without changing how they shop. As supporters shop at over 1,500 of their favorite online retailers for everything from household items to airline tickets, Givevia generates donations automatically based on a percentage of their purchases. The amount of funding “impact” generated varies per retailer but averages 3-6% and sometimes much higher. Supporters see their impact add up over time, and they can choose to support various charities and causes at any given time.

“Funding stability is difficult to obtain for any nonprofit,” says Nick Linkenhoker, Executive Director at Worthington Resource Pantry, an early adopter of Givevia. “The idea that we can provide this extra option for donors, volunteers, and corporate partners to help us diversify funding channels is significant. It will go a long way in helping us support our local community.”

The Givevia platform also provides additional value to supporters such as access to special deals and coupons for their online shopping. Functionality centered around social sharing and gamification provides even more opportunity for social advocacy about the causes they love, while expanding the supporter base in the process.

Anyone can visit and choose from thousands of causes to impact, which they can begin generating funding for immediately. Any eligible 501(c)(3) organization can claim and enrich their charity’s profile within minutes at in order to start receiving donations directly from Givevia.

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