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NPO Centric’s Training, Resources Take Success to the Next Level

‘Rebranding Reflects Commitment to Being Center of All Things Nonprofit Success’

Nonprofit organizations face enormous challenges due to a lack of money, support, and resources to grow and thrive, even though they deliver some of the most critical services in our communities.
Enter NPO Centric (Nonprofit Organization Centric), an online platform and community resource center in Riverside County providing essential tools, knowledge, and skills to help nonprofits increase their capacity, achieve their missions, and become vibrant and sustainable organizations.
NPO Centric has undergone a recent transformation, changing its name from the Center for Nonprofit Advancement, and featuring a revised, interactive digital platform with hundreds of toolkits, checklists, how-to videos, e-books, templates, and samples of best practices from around the country. The resources cover all areas from fundraising and financial management to board development and marketing, and more.
Most significantly, NPO Centric is the only online training and community center created for nonprofits by a nonprofit. NPO Centric was founded in 2017 and, to date, has helped over 500 nonprofits through more than 4,700 hours of training by experts.
NPO Centric is led by an award-winning fundraising professional, nonprofit executive, and strategic development coach Stephanie Minor, the energetic force behind the online and community resource hub.
“Our rebranding speaks to our commitment to being at the center of all things nonprofit and their success,” says Stephanie Minor. “Nonprofits are at the center of our communities, too. They’re essential to improving quality of life, meeting needs, providing opportunities for civic engagement, and delivering critical services. We’re here empowering them to become more efficient and effective.”
The digital platform also features online discussion groups and live chats to create a supportive network of nonprofits and experts from around the country. Overall, the online membership portal is growing rapidly and is welcoming nonprofit members from across the country.
“I’m proud that we are helping nonprofits find their new paths forward, raise money faster, grow and strengthen their impact, gain insight on emerging trends, and tap into a community of professionals who are there to help and support their successes,” says Stephanie. “Our reach is only going to get bigger.”
Sparked by civic vision recognizing how vital nonprofits are in strengthening our communities, the Regional Access Project Foundation (RAP) identified a need for programs and services to help nonprofits increase capacity, sustainability and maximize impact, and created NPO Centric.
Attesting to the importance of that mission, the vital nonprofit sector employs 1 in 10 working Americans and is the third largest employment sector in the U.S. There are more than 10 million nonprofits worldwide and more than 12,000 in Riverside County alone.
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