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RedRover Releases Second Children’s App to Promote Empathy

Raja Book 2 App Second in Restricted Adventures of Raja Series

RedRover, a national animal welfare organization, has released “Raja Book 2,” the second innovative digital book and game in their E-Books for Empathy project, The Restricted Adventures of Raja.

This bilingual series follows the journey of Raja, a warrior from a distant world. Raja wants more than anything to save the people of Earth – especially his new friends – from lives marked by disconnection, loneliness and anger. When he travels through a portal to Earth, he becomes a regular Earth cat who can’t talk and needs help to complete this special mission.

The Restricted Adventures of Raja series is part of the RedRover Readers Program. It was developed to teach kids 7 to 11 years old how to interpret the emotions of cats and dogs, as well as people, using illustrated stories that show realistic behavior and emotions. This interactive app contains open-ended questions a parent or educator can ask to help a child better understand animal behavior and another’s perspective – a fundamental skill for empathy.


book 2 image with interactive question


Nicole Forsyth, RedRover President & CEO, states, “This series was designed to help children not only recognize the behavior of animals, but to find that connection and treat them with compassion. If we can help children build better relationships with animals and people through the development of empathy skills, animal cruelty and neglect may be prevented, as well as bullying in schools.”

After participating in the RedRover Readers program, some students have said it is now easier for them to open up and talk about their experiences with people and pets – even the students who tend to be shy. Many have become kinder to animals and will take time to play with their pets, change their water daily and even adopt strays. Others have remarked how the program has helped them to be a nicer brother, sister and friend.

The message of this app fits seamlessly into any teaching program and aligns to the U.S. Common Core standards as well as Social and Emotional Learning Core Competencies. In addition to the digital book, the “Be a Pet” game is included in the app. The game challenges kids to put themselves in the paws of a cat or dog – and imagine how they would behave – in order to win a human companion.

The app is now available for free on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.

About RedRover

Since 1987, RedRover has focused on bringing animals out of crisis and strengthening the human-animal bond through emergency sheltering, disaster relief services, financial assistance and education. Through their RedRover Readers program they have reached 67,000 children nationwide and trained more than 1,700 teachers, humane educators and volunteers in 14 states to implement the program. To learn more about how they are building a more compassionate world, please visit

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