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Stephanie Minor

Introducing Stephanie Minor

The New Director of the Center For Nonprofit Advancement
The RAP Foundation welcome’s Stephanie Minor as the new Director of the Center For Nonprofit Advancement (CNA). Stephanie has first-hand experience of CNA services having participated in several programs or activities in the last few years. Most notably, she was the Top Prize Winner in the Desert Fast Pitch event in November 2018.
Stephanie grew up in Florida and moved to the Coachella Valley in 2015. She lives with her daughter Chloe in La Quinta.
Stephanie worked for Martha’s Village & Kitchen in Indio for the last four years. She started as the Director of Development and was promoted to the Executive Vice President two years ago. Her primary duties included: administrative oversight of staff, development of resources, communications and special events.
Stephanie’s energetic style and attention to detail has already benefited the RAP Foundation. In acknowledgement of RAP’s unique funding formula, Stephanie recognized the importance of Transparency and Accountability to our funders and is responsible for helping us achieve a “Platinum Level” of Transparency on GuideStar.
Here is a brief glimpse of Stephanie’s motivation and goals in her answers to the following questions:
Why did you decide to take on the CNA Director duties and responsibilities?
“I appreciate the work that CNA does, and I love the anticipation and excitement related to all of the things that we can and will do in the future. Nonprofits are asked to do the hardest work, often with the most limited resources. I love knowing that I am part of a team that is providing help to the very people who help those most in need in our communities.”
What are your ideas or plans for the future of CNA?
“My plans for the future of CNA are to continue to provide the amazing resources offered and to expand our services and offerings. The first few weeks I have been with CNA have been spent listening to many nonprofit leaders and members of staff, nonprofit Board members, the RAP Board, and consultants and educators in an effort to find out more about what people want to see and learn from CNA. I plan to implement as many of these needed trainings and resources as possible, but I want to make certain that everything we offer is of the highest standards and quality, so that the nonprofits we serve receive the most benefit.”

Why should a nonprofit become a CNA member?
“A nonprofit should become a CNA member because membership gives access to expert advice and resources, many opportunities for expanded skills, networking opportunities which allow for valuable connections, discounts on important conferences and seminars, and so much more!”

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