The Joslyn Center is Offering Virtual Programming

The Joslyn Center is offering virtual programming. Access the full calendar of engaging opportunities at

Contact: The Joslyn Center at (760) 340-3220 for more information or like us on Facebook!

Joslyn Variety Show – Monday – Friday 11:00 AM on Joslyn Facebook Live or catch up on You tube

Go4Life – Every day at 8:00 AM on Joslyn You Tube Channel

Blingin’Bingo – Tuesday at 2:00 PM on Joselyn Facebook Live

Virtual Learning Series – Every day at 2:00 PM on Joslyn Facebook

Figure It Out Fridays – Friday 9:00 AM. Learn how to use Zoom, You tube and other technologies

Joslyn Zoom Chat Group – Thursday 9am hosted by Program Director Rebecca. Socialize, share and make friends

Special Delivery Program – write to an isolated, homebound senior

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