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Together We Light the Way for Students in the Coachella Valley

Meet Mariah.

She’s a fourth-grade student enrolled in Think Together and has been going to her afterschool program since Kindergarten.

Her story, like many of our students, is that Think Together has become a second home. Especially after a year of disruptions, she’s excited to be back and make more memories during this school year.

“Last year was kind of tough,” Mariah says. “I couldn’t hang out with my friends or do much, and I didn’t leave the house.”

This school year has already been packed with fun supplemental lessons, arts, enrichment, and homework support so students can get back on track with their learning and have opportunities for success. Through Think Together, students like Mariah will receive an additional 540 hours of academics and social-emotional development each school year.

When Mariah was asked what her favorite memory is, she immediately said, “My favorite memory is the time I met my site coordinator and program leaders for the first time. I knew this was going to be a good program where I would have friends, be supported, and have fun.”

By partnering with public schools, Think Together offers students affordable and equitable afterschool programs, early learning education, college readiness courses, summer camps and more throughout the state of California.

Students like Mariah need guidance from caring individuals that can lead them through their educational journey.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to change the odds for kids in the Coachella Valley, get involved in Think Together’s mission by donating, volunteering, or applying to be a part of our team.

We’re always searching for talented individuals with a passion for working with kids. We’re also always looking to partner with organizations looking to support the communities we serve.

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