Covid 19- Nonprofit Fundraising Event Resource Guide

How are you doing? We know… scary times. The thousands of hours you poured into planning your event, and the energy your team and volunteers spent to get ready for your big night – all at risk! We too have been blindsided by the biggest smack to our fundraising face in our lifetime. A virus outbreak, the stock market at a record low, self-quarantines, and large gatherings canceled. We are all affected by this…
It is the nonprofit world that is taking the biggest hit. With a disappearing major revenue stream, the missions and the clients of nonprofits will be hurt the most. You – the nonprofit leaders, staff, volunteers, and supporters of nonprofits are the ones scrambling to pivot your events during these crazy times to fund your missions. But how do you offset the lost opportunities and revenues from your biggest events of the year? You have to think bigger, you have to think broader, you have to think into the future. Are events still relevant? Will events ever fade away? Can we make a switch to 100% virtual events? Time will tell, but it is human nature to gather as a tribe, to break bread, to laugh and cry together, and to be a part of something bigger. You have to make the decision whether to cancel your event, postpone it, pivot to virtual, or scrap the event altogether. Hopefully, with these resources, you can make the best decision possible. Please find the DOWNLOAD links below and utilize them to help you with your choice. Best wishes and continue to aspire to inspire!
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Click here to download our PDF Resource (12 slides)
This resource goes through all the options from postponement to cancellation and tips on how best to move forward in your fundraising
COVID-19 Events Resource PDF

Covid-19 Nonprofit Fundraising Event Resource from Bobby D. Ehlert
Resource Links
Coronavirus and Fundraising–Kel7Sqb_maxQsxGN9aO5tYv4H3b_qpQtr9b_jnmFwf_Q1HXrdn-KTnMGCv3yGTNNIXdxztVIpudgd2TntBVNrWdQyI_C1wA3yKm7UH5TQOsWisKQ&_hsmi=84595968
A successful Livestream Fundraising Event
Tips to hold an event during an epidemic
Mistakes that nonprofits make in preparing for COVID-19

A Huge Mistake Nonprofits Make in Preparing for COVID-19

Communication Tips on the COVID-19
Prep your event for a public health crisis

Preparing Your Fundraising Event for a Public Health Crisis

Slow the outbreak
Actual Virtual Gala
Mental Health during crazy times

Taking Care of Your Mental Health in the Face of Uncertainty

Principles for Fundraising during a Crisis

Principles for Fundraising: The Coronavirus and Philanthropy

Resources for nonprofits

COVID-19 Resources for Nonprofits

We will be adding more resources as more information becomes available
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Bobby D.
Erin Ward

Anne Koestner says:
March 15, 2020 at 9:49 pm

You guys are amazing! Thanks for being there for the sector!
admin says:
March 16, 2020 at 1:42 am

It’s our pleasure to be a resource for all of our world changing friends. The world is changing and we need to work together to do! Thanks for your comment:)

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